Wednesday, May 30

I'm beginning to really dislike this woman

So, I am in a 5.5 week long web design class and my professor has been tough. It's just a lot of work and a lot of material in a short amount of time. Each week starts on a Thursday and ends the following Wednesday. But she makes our assignments due usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, we have one day to do the required reading and what not to be able to do our assignments.

Steve and I are going away to Chicago this weekend and I have discussion questions due Saturday and a bunch of web design stuff due Sunday. Friday I have to get ready for the trip and take the little miss to the doctor and I have day care kids. So that left me with today and tomorrow to at least do the stuff due for Saturday, so I don't have to worry about it while on our trip. Yes, I can bring a laptop, but do I really want to do homework there????

So, it's Wednesday today and I went into my online class and did one of the 5 required discussion questions, due Saturday, this afternoon. I was planning on doing another one tonight and then the rest tomorrow.

I just got an email from my professor telling me that she deleted my answer that I posted today, because she made it very clear in the syllabus that we aren't allowed to do work for the next week, while in the previous week. So since the next week starts TOMORROW, I couldn't do the work today. So, she deleted my stupid answer that I spent my free time during naptime..researching and working on. GGGRRRR!

I emailed her back to apologize, but also to let her know that I was trying to get the work done before flying out on Friday for vacation and since the work was due over the weekend, when I'd be away, I wanted to get it done by tomorrow.

Like I have time to research and do all of them and the web design stuff in one day on top of all the other crud I have to do. YUCK!

How annoying!

She thanked me for my enthusiasm, but reprimanded me for doing the work. Lady, I am not enthusiastic, I am just desperate..because you give us two days to do an assignment and I don't want to spend my Saturday night in the hotel room attached to a laptop for Pete's sake.


I even read three chapters, took notes and read all the lecture notes for next week that I could do the discussion questions...the one I did today, the one I wanted to do tonight and the others tomorrow.

And we post our dumb answers right there on the class site, so I didn't save my answer I have to re-write the entire thing.