Thursday, May 10

It's Done (Well, for the most part)

I went to Tiff's last night and finished my quilt. It was so incredible seeing it transform and then when we put the batting in it, rolled it and then unfolded the whole thing, I said in awe, "there's my quilt, it's so pretty."

The only part that isn't so pretty, is a little area that we had to leave open so that we could get the batting into it. I had to hand stitch it, which I had never done before. So, if you find that section, well it isn't the prettiest. But, oh well. It's handmade with love.

I guess I can't consider it completely finished. I need to spend about an hour tying around the border, in the center sqaure, and sporadicly throughout to make sure it stays in one piece. Then I have to wash it, to get the batting spray off of it, and then the mister can start to use it. The miss is excited to see it finished, because she knows I am going to make her a Tinkerbell one next. I had the quilt out just a few minutes ago and she asked me where her Barbie blanket was. She means Tinkerbell. She has a Tinkerbell doll that she considers a Barbie.

So, here it is:

That picture doesn't show the detail in the from an older post, here is what one quilt block looks you can see the stars and flags in the fabric. It's an Americana quilt.

I still can't believe that I made that!! Well, Tiff is a great teacher.