Monday, May 7


Well, Tiff came over last night and I almost finished my quilt..well almost got it to a point where all that was left was tying it so that it stays together. But I ran out of thread. But, I plan on finshing it tonight or tomorrow. I can't wait for you all to see it. It is so cute.

My next class starts on Thursday and I have already printed out this week's lectures and assignments so I can start cracking on it. I have an assignment due on Friday and on Saturday. I plan on going to New Mexico this weekend with the kids, to visit some old Connecticut friends, Andrea and Nicole, and I want to have my assignments done beforehand. So, I have begun.

I took my exam for my current class and didn't do nearly as well as I had wanted to. I have had a 97% in the class...and I may drop down to a high B now, because of my exam...but I am not positive, because the big project that I am turning in tomorrow, is actually worth 90 something points. The test I took today was only worth 42. So, maybe I'll still be okay.

Anyway, enough of the boring school talk.

G.G. has asked for pics of the mister. I really haven't taken any lately, but I did take a few just goofing around, the other day. So, here you go, GG, here's the mister crawling and doing push ups.