Tuesday, May 15

It's Been Awhile

Well, I haven't blogged since Thursday. I am sorry that it has been so long. I apologize also for not having a Psalms Sunday post up. I went away for the weekend. I had meant to do my Psalms Sunday before heading out of town, but I was just too busy, and my blog was near the bottom of my importance list.

On Friday evening, I headed out with the two kids to New Mexico, to visit some old friends from my childhood, Andrea and Nicole. Nicole was my neighbor and daughter of one of my mom's good friends. She was older than me, and since I acted much younger than my age, we didn't hang out all of the time, but we still played and hung out quite a bit. Andrea was and still is Nicole's best friend. And we hung out quite often too. I moved away from Connecticut when I was nine years old. I saw them again a few years later when I visited. But hadn't seen them since. Thanks to Myspace, the three of us got back in touch and began chit chatting quite a bit and decided it would be neat to visit with each other. So, since the hubby was away, I thought...why not? So 7 hours later, I was at Andrea's house.

The drive there went pretty well. The kids slept most of the way. The mister did wake up screaming at one point, during a part of highway that didn't have an exit in sight, so I had to make a bottle for him while driving. And I realized that my eyes really stink at night. It was really dark and a few times I slowed down the car quite abruptly thinking I was coming toward an animal or something, when really there was nothing there.

I got to their house at around 1:00 A.M. and my kiddos decided to wake up. They kept me up until 3:00 A.M. and then both woke up around 6:30 A.M. So, I was sleepy all weekend. On Saturday, we went to the nearby botanical gardens. The miss had a blast. We ate lunch there as well. There was also an aquarium, but the miss was needing a nap and the mister was sleepy as well, so we thought it best to head back to the house. My kids forgot what sleep was that weekend. They didn't do a whole lot of it, so neither did I. On Saturday evening though, Andrea, Nicole and I did get in some visit time, and that was nice.

Here's a pic of us at, I believe, a birthday party for Nicole. She is in the black and white outfit with the suspenders. Andrea is next to her in the pink pants. I am in the overalls next to the girl in her brownies uniform. And this picture is from 1985.

They pulled out their high school yearbooks and since I would have been a year behind them, I was able to look at pictures of those in my graduating class. I saw most everyone that I went to elementary school with. There would have been 83 people in my graduating class had I stayed in Connecticut. And they were all small town kids. They weren't all dressed trendy, with perfect hair and accessories, they were just themselves. I wonder what that was like. When I moved to Arizona, I was immersed in a completely different lifestyle. You had to wear name brand clothes and have perfect hair at the age of 10. It was ridiculous. There were 315 students in my high school graduating class. So, life in Connecticut would have been sooo much different.

So, that was definitely a trip.

On the morning of Mother's Day, the miss surprised me with a card that Andrea had helped her to make. "Happy Mother's Day for you," the miss told me as she handed it to me. She also helped Andrea to make me a waffle breakfast, which was mighty yummy. Originally, I was going to stay until around noon, but since the kids were a tad fussy, I left at nine A.M.

The mister conked right out and slept right up until we stopped for lunch. The miss slept for a tiny bit, but then spent a couple of hours just sitting quietly in a zoned state. At around noon, we stopped at a Denny's that was close to the border of New Mexico and our home state. Both kids were perfect angels at Denny's, which was wonderful. The servers kept wishing all the mothers a Happy Mother's Day. And when the miss overheard them, she looked at me and told me Happy Mother's Day. She's so cute.

We made several stops along the way home. I was getting awfully tired, so I kept stopping for sugary snacks and beverages. I was sooo happy to get home, and wanted nothing more than to sleep, but my kids never let me. We went later that evening to the airport to pick up the hubby. It was so nice to have him back home again.

He got me a Foundations Angel for mother's day. It's very pretty. It has gorgeous detail on it. He also got me the Martina Mcbride cd. And on Monday morning, he let me sleep in a few hours, while he gave the day care kiddos breakfast and watched them. SO that was wonderful!

Well, that's it for my update for now. Was this a long post, or what?

For my Psalms Sundays regulars, I will visit your sites to see if you wrote a post, and I'll comment. And I'll write a post next week for the next Psalm. Thanks for understanding.

Oh and here are two of the only few pictures I took from the weekend. This is Andrea holding the finally sleeping mister at the gardens. And the miss playing around on a giant ant.