Tuesday, May 15


Well..we are pretty certain that we will be moving in September back to Arizona. The hubby has been looking into jobs there and is going to start applying soon, even though..he isn't available for work for a few months. We have some contacts too, so it looks good that he may be able to find something. He's excited about the pay rate for the jobs he is looking at as well. It will definitely put us in a much better financial situation than we have currently been in over the past two years. I am glad that we have made less though, because I think it has really helped to change our spending habits and what not, well a little bit.

We are still trying to determine the best time table for everything. He wants to have confirmation of a job in Arizona before we put the house up for sale. I just hope the timing works out that we can sell the house and move in time....without him leaving for Arizona first.

He has many leave days left, which is nice, because even though his last day in the Air Force is Sept. 29th, he can actually take the whole month of Spetember off. So, he could even be starting his new job while still in the Air Force, I think.

So, I am excited.