Monday, December 29


Sunday morning was my morning to sleep in, which meant hubby was up bright and early, and I mean...EARLY with the kiddos.

So, hubby was pretty tired most of the day and at one point in the afternoon, he just CRASHED with the baby boy.

So of course, I had to take a picture so that your hearts could melt too. :-)

2008 Reflections


I began my third trimester, pregnant with Christian. I was staying home with the kids during the day and working nights at a nearby hotel. I was always so very exhausted. Kids and I had fun during the day. One day, we brought the snow inside, since it was too cold to play outdoors, and we made little snowmen.
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Andrea came for a visit. It was wonderful to have her over for the long weekend. Audrey also had her first dental appt. this month.

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We moved Isaiah into a toddler bed, to prepare for baby who would need to use the crib. Funny, Christian is still sleeping in a pack 'n play in our bedroom. (That will change next month)

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Grandma, my MIL, came for a visit. She was hoping to be here for Christian's birth, but ended up flying home the morning I started going into labor.

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Speaking of labor, I had Christian on March 23rd, Easter Morning. I wrote a great post (I think) about his birth, which was at home. You can read it HERE.

His first photo

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GG and Papa also visited, helping to take care of my rowdy kiddos while I tended to the new baby boy.

Audrey went to her second daddy/daughter dance, but ended up leaving early, after eating a cookie that had nuts in it. Ay yi yi! Her allergy is REALLY BAD! They both still had a wonderful time, and I am insisting that the daddy/daughter dance stay a yearly tradition, especially since her siblings are boys. She needs special daddy time. I don't think either one of them (Steve or Audrey) mind. :-)

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Audrey's dance classes were slowly coming to an end and her class was preparing for their June recital. Here she is with her class, practicing. Well, trying to at least. Their teacher was absent that day and none of us moms knew the the girls did a bit of improvising.
Audrey is in the pink, 3rd one on the left.

I also wrote This Post about little things that I hope to always remember.


Audrey had her dance recital.

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And I mastered making Shirley Temple-esque ringlets in her hair.

I started my new job at 5 Minutes for Mom, which has been such a blessing and I am so thankful every day to get to work with Susan and Janice, and to be able to work from home.

I also found this awesome wooden kitchen for Isaiah for $10.00, which really was exciting!
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Isaiah turned 2!


I no longer worked nights at the hotel, so my days calmed down a bit.
I also went to Arizona with Andrea, to audition for American Idol.

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I didn't make it past the table judges. Oh well!


Slow month. My baby boy was getting bigger though, and he had his first rice cereal, and I talked a lot during the whole experience.

Click to play First Cereal
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I finished my 3rd quilt.

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Audrey started Pre-K, missing the kindergarten cut-off out here by 2 months. :-( She goes M,W,F for a couple of hours.

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Yes, the month of Halloween and the torture I went through to sew a costume for the 1st time. THAT was quite the experience....but it didn't come out half bad.

Christian and I took a road trip earlier in the month, to visit Andrea who lives about 6 hours away. That was a relaxing weekend. I also came home to a spotless house. What a GREAT hubby!!!


Audrey turned 5!! She is getting so big.


This was a crazy, busy month for work, as was November. WOW! I tried my best to have fun with the kiddos, but I worked A LOT!!!!! Of course we just celebrated Christmas, and it was Christian's first.

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas

I tried to get a pic of the kids while at church on Christmas Eve. But that didn't work out too well.

See what I mean?

Isaiah (2) loves guitars. LOVES THEM. He was thrilled to see that the 5 men in the worship band played guitars. Once the sermon started though, I ended up walking around the church with him, going up and down a flight of stirs at least 20 times. They didn't have childcare last night.

Christmas morning, Audrey (5) wore her dress to bed. The kiddos were so excited for their presents.

It was Christian's (9 mos.) first Christmas. He had such fun and loves his new toys.

Wednesday, December 17

This is a Perfect Day

I picked up Audrey (The Miss) from school today and she bounced out of her classroom with goodies in hand. Today was their Christmas party. She had a special present from her teachers and a bag of candy.

Once all of the kiddos were piled in the car, she asked for a candy cane and told me to give one to Isaiah (The Mister) as well. He was thrilled. She then asked begged and pleaded to open her gift.

As she opened up her present, I turned on the car. Much to Audrey's delight, Alvin and his chipmunk brothers were singing their Christmas song. It happens to be one of her favorites.

With a big smile she proclaimed...

"This is a Perfect Day!"

Monday, December 15

Just Checking In...

I know time flies, but it seems the past month has gone by in the blink of an eye. I am so sorry that I have been neglecting my blog. I know that when I do, it's hard on all of our family that live in a different state. They miss hearing the going ons of my kiddos and seeing their adorable faces.

I have been so busy, and I am so sorry for that.

We are all doing wonderfully. On Friday night, we took the kids to a nearby drive-through light display. The kids loved it. There were lots of smiles and ooos and aaahhhhsss. On Saturday, the kiddos and I went to Tiff's, so that I could work on some sewing projects. (I decided a week or so before Christmas, to start making a few items for family members.) It is so like me to procrastinate like that.

They are easy projects though, and it was relaxing and fun this weekend to put aside my daily responsibilities and just sew and create. I made a zipped pouch, crayon roll and am now making a bunch of......well I can't's a secret. :-)

One day this week, I think, the hubby and I are going to have a romantic date night for my birthday, which is the 21st. I have always wanted to eat a 4 course meal at The Melting Pot. Thanks to a gift card from GG and a really great coupon, we are going to head out on the town for dinner and a movie and enjoy The Melting Pot. I think that we are going to see Fireproof at the nearby dollar theater. :-)

I do have a few pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago, of the kids:

This is the mister, 2, using his sister's mirror as a guitar. I think he is going to be my musician. The guitar is his instrument of choice. He is always dancing around, pretending to strum some tunes. Many times he uses his sister's mirror. He rocks out. He sings too. He has a really nice singing voice. :-) His grandma is sending a Playskool guitar his way for Christmas. I have a feeling it will be one of his favorite presents.

Here is the miss, 5, playing with her mac and cheese.

And some smiles from the baby boy (almost 9 months old)

Friday, November 28


For the grandparents who I know visit every day to see the little ones...

Here are some shots from Thanksgiving at Tiff's house....

Thursday, November 20

I'm Most Thankful For....

The miss (5) came home from school yesterday with some Thanksgiving artwork. One of the things she made was an "I'm Thankful" placemat, adorned with painted leaves and a list of the three things that she is the most thankful for.

I chuckled a bit as I read her placemat......

I'm thankful for hippos,

I'm thankful for squirrels,

I'm thankful for zebras.

Thursday, November 13

She's 5

Well, on Wednesday my baby girl officially turned five. I still can't believe that she is 5.

Here are some pictures of my little girl through the years....

My daughter has got spunk, lots of spunk. She's my dress wearing, Star Wars and Batman loving princess. She speaks her mind, she knows what she wants, and she tries hard to achieve it.

She is full of energy and is always on the go. She is inquisitive and loves to learn. She loves to dance around the house. She changes clothes constantly.

She loves to get a rise out of people. Although she pesters her two-year-old brother quite a bit, she still shows her tender side with him at times. She has such a caring heart.

She can be sassy, my little girl. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Her laugh is infectious. She loves animals. She loves to paint.

My little girl is going to achieve great things someday, because she doesn't take no for an answer.

Happy Birthday Princess.

Tuesday, November 11

For My Wall-E Loving Friends

Thought you might enjoy this....

And stay tuned to 5 Minutes for Mom. A little birdie knows that perhaps a Wall-E giveaway post will go up today! :-)

Saturday, November 8

Someone's Turning 5

We had the miss' birthday party today, a STAR WARS birthday party. It was fun! There aren't many pictures at all, because I was running around the whole time. :-)
And Sara had brought hers, but the darn thing was missing batteries. Oh Well.

We all had fun. And the miss got one present that she was soooooooooooo excited about.

Then almost all of the kids piled onto the couch to watch a bit of it and they were super cute. I took a picture, but my camera was dying, and it didn't come out. DARN!!

Here are a couple more pictures. Her actual birthday is next week and I will be writing a special birthday post on that day. :-)

Thursday, November 6

Making Fun #1

So yesterday didn't go completely as planned. It was quite a busy work day for me. If you haven't yet, check out 5 Minutes for Mom, we have some EXCITING STUFF going on. Later today I will post all about it.

I was busy getting everything organized, so I failed at Making Fun #1 yesterday. But the kiddos still had plenty of fun. They actually played very well yesterday. For 2 hours, I had on a Kid's XM radio station and we danced to some pretty silly songs. The miss was thrilled when a Weird Al Yankovich song, that was all about Star Wars, came on. You should have seen her.

They even played with rolls of toilet paper for a good hour. They would stack them into huge towers and knock them down. Who needs to buy blocks, when you can just use tp?

Anyway, today for our fun, we are going to rake the leaves outside. It might not be AS much fun for me, but the kids will love it. It will also be the perfect time to pick out some leaves for our fall foliage friends that we were supposed to make yesterday.

How are you making fun #1 today?

Do you want to hear the Star Wars song? Do ya, Do ya??? Press play below. :-)

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