Monday, May 21

Taking A Break

Well, the time has come for me to take a little break from the blog. I love writing and sharing with all of you, but I am starting to slip behind in my current web design class. My classes, which I take one at a time, are 5.5 weeks long. So, we fit a lot of information into a short period of time. The class I finished last month was very easy, and I didn't have much trouble at all fitting it into my schedule. The subject matter of my current class isn't too hard. It is scripting, and since I have gotten used to some of it through this blog, I am picking up on it easily. But, my professor is tough with her assignments and each week has three assignments and they are due one right after the other...and usually on the weekends. My last class, they were due during the week. This has been tough too, since I have been cramming my weekends lately.

I am barely pulling a B in my class, and quite honestly, I deserve to be failing. I am VERY behind on my reading and lecture notes and I have been racing through my assignments. I should be getting a much lower grade than I am, in my opinion, and feel that if I don't start devoting more time to it, I will. And this is the class I was most excited about.

I spent Mother's Day weekend visiting old friends in New Mexico, and this past weekend visiting with my best friend and her family. I hadn't seen her in a year. So, now I have housework and grocery shopping I am behind on and a ton of homework to really start getting to.

And honestly, there are days that I stress about making sure I get a blog post in that there's something for you all to read or so family members don't worry. But if I have a free moment to blog, I need to devote it to my homework, house or family.

I will try to put pictures up a couple of times a week. Maybe I can catch up in my class quickly and then have more time to blog. Or maybe when this class ends in 3 weeks, my next one will be a little less time consuming. Just bear with me. And since I have huge assignments due on the weekends, I need to take a small Psalms Sunday hiatus too. Sorry folks.