Thursday, May 3

Daylight comes and me wanna go home

So, I love it here...where we currently live, I do. When we moved out here, I vowed we would stay here. It's pretty and it's a great place to raise kids, I think. But, I miss my family and Steve's family and my best friend.

And now that Audrey is getting older, she constantly asks to see her grandma or her papa or her Tara, and it breaks me up inside. And it makes me sad that the little mister is growing up and our family can't see it.

I also think it would be better for me and the hubby too. We'd have our friends nearby and our family and we could have more date nights, because we'd have plenty of babysitters. And we NEED date nights!!!!!!

Hubby gets out of the Air Force in September...the 29th to be exact. Originally, we were going to stay out here for maybe a year or two, because we think the market is better out here. He does Net. Admin stuff..some firewall stuff and has top secret clearance.

But, I think, if he flooded Arizona with resumes, he'd get something, right? And I am totally fine with going back to work for a little while at my old Title Company, with the kids in day care...while I work on finishing my web design certifcation.

But my biggest concern is selling our home. I just emailed the realtor I used when we bought it...just to get some ideas...suggestions. I know we could always rent it, but that scares me..because if some time goes by without renters, we have to pay the mortgage on it, ya know.

I just want to go home. As much as I was never a fan of Arizona, I do miss it! And we can always come back here someday...maybe.