Thursday, May 17

Dear Mister Man

Dear Mister twenty-something year old man who just came to my door...rang the doorbell three times in a row and then knocked five times rather loudly...just as I was putting the day care kids down for a nap. One child WAS already asleep.

I don't want to buy any magazines from you. I don't care that you are trying to go to Europe. When I tell you that I have 5 kids I am trying to put down for a nap and that I am busy, please just say, "have a good day." and walk away. I don't want to be rude and slam the door in your face. I didn't find your comment/joke about how you'll come inside and put them down while I browse your magazines, funny. And then you tried to use the kid thing against me into luring me into a kid magazine. I already get Parents, and that's enough.
Do I look like I have time to read a million magazines?
When I tell you the second time that I am not interested, again..take the hint. Don't try another dumb marketing technique on me. I don't care what they taught you during your training for said magazine sales. You are annoying me and the one year old I am watching is going to start climbing up the stairs.
The only reason I opened the door, is because I am expecting a package and sometimes the UPS man rings the doorbell and then knocks. Although, your approach was much louder and more annoying, I should have been able to disassociate between the two.

Thank you though, for teaching me that it is time to put a No Solicitation sign up on my door.

Good Riddance!