Thursday, May 17



So, I say the word, seriously, a lot. Do I blame Grey's? I know that that is one of the key phrases from the show. Had I said it much before I started watching Grey's?
I am curious. But, wow, do I say it an awful lot. I wrote awhile back about how I say, really and truly a lot. I didn't even notice that until my hubby pointed it out to me. I have since stopped. Well, I say really and then shut my mouth so that "and truly" can't escape.

So, Melinda was voted off of American Idol. I was shocked, I was. I thought that maybe it was because everyone expected her to make it and spent their time trying to vote in the second person. I knew it would be close between Jordin and Blake. But everyone forgot about Miss Melinda. She knows darn well that she will get a record deal. I mean if Elliot Yamin can get one after being on the show, then goodness, Melinda will have one. So Blake or Jordin, eh? I think Blake should win because he just brings something so different to the table.

Did the Suns win last night? I fell asleep early. I didn't have a drop of Pepsi yesterday and because of that, I was able to sleep at a normal time.

When I saw the score last, they were only up by three was in the third quarter I think.

I am lazy aren't I? I could just look it up online. But then I wouldn't get fun comments from ya'll.

So, someone tell me, did they win last night?

I started my second web design class last week. And this chick likes to bombard us with reading. She has a year's worth of lecture notes for each week and then on top of that, she adds on like 7 chapters of reading. My problem is, I am a nut who takes extensive notes over each page of text, so one chapter takes me an eternity. And these are small chapters, guys. But, I like to write my own novel as I read, apparently. A new week starts each Thursday, but she usually expects the reading to be done by the second day of the week, because our assignments throughout the week are based on the reading. So, basically, we have one day to read 7 chapters and a thousand pages of lecture notes. Right, let me get right on that!

Well, my mindless story telling is complete for the moment. Have a great morning everyone!