Wednesday, May 9

Mother's Day Gifts

So last year, the day care kiddos made their mommy's painted pots with flowers in them. Their painted handprint flowers and fingerprint bees adorned each side of the pot. They were cute. So, I needed something cute and usable this year as well. So, the kids are making their mom's decorated wooden serving trays. Unfortunately, the only sizes that had at the craft store last night were smaller than a typical serving tray. So, they can't do a whole breakfast on the tray. Oh well.
I bought some pretty scrapbook paper and I will use Mod-podge to stick it to the tray. They will then apply a poem and handprint onto the tray. I will then cover that with several coats of mod-podge to seal it. We will do that tomorrow. Then on Friday, we will make jumbo cinnamon rolls together...and I will wrap one for each mom and they will place that onto their trays. Then on Sunday morning, the dad's can help the kids to heat up the cinnamon rolls and serve them to their mommy's on their trays. I think it'll be cute!

Here's an example of a deocupaged tray using mod-podge I couldn't find one specifically for a mother's day craft.