Friday, November 28


For the grandparents who I know visit every day to see the little ones...

Here are some shots from Thanksgiving at Tiff's house....

Thursday, November 20

I'm Most Thankful For....

The miss (5) came home from school yesterday with some Thanksgiving artwork. One of the things she made was an "I'm Thankful" placemat, adorned with painted leaves and a list of the three things that she is the most thankful for.

I chuckled a bit as I read her placemat......

I'm thankful for hippos,

I'm thankful for squirrels,

I'm thankful for zebras.

Thursday, November 13

She's 5

Well, on Wednesday my baby girl officially turned five. I still can't believe that she is 5.

Here are some pictures of my little girl through the years....

My daughter has got spunk, lots of spunk. She's my dress wearing, Star Wars and Batman loving princess. She speaks her mind, she knows what she wants, and she tries hard to achieve it.

She is full of energy and is always on the go. She is inquisitive and loves to learn. She loves to dance around the house. She changes clothes constantly.

She loves to get a rise out of people. Although she pesters her two-year-old brother quite a bit, she still shows her tender side with him at times. She has such a caring heart.

She can be sassy, my little girl. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Her laugh is infectious. She loves animals. She loves to paint.

My little girl is going to achieve great things someday, because she doesn't take no for an answer.

Happy Birthday Princess.

Tuesday, November 11

For My Wall-E Loving Friends

Thought you might enjoy this....

And stay tuned to 5 Minutes for Mom. A little birdie knows that perhaps a Wall-E giveaway post will go up today! :-)

Saturday, November 8

Someone's Turning 5

We had the miss' birthday party today, a STAR WARS birthday party. It was fun! There aren't many pictures at all, because I was running around the whole time. :-)
And Sara had brought hers, but the darn thing was missing batteries. Oh Well.

We all had fun. And the miss got one present that she was soooooooooooo excited about.

Then almost all of the kids piled onto the couch to watch a bit of it and they were super cute. I took a picture, but my camera was dying, and it didn't come out. DARN!!

Here are a couple more pictures. Her actual birthday is next week and I will be writing a special birthday post on that day. :-)

Thursday, November 6

Making Fun #1

So yesterday didn't go completely as planned. It was quite a busy work day for me. If you haven't yet, check out 5 Minutes for Mom, we have some EXCITING STUFF going on. Later today I will post all about it.

I was busy getting everything organized, so I failed at Making Fun #1 yesterday. But the kiddos still had plenty of fun. They actually played very well yesterday. For 2 hours, I had on a Kid's XM radio station and we danced to some pretty silly songs. The miss was thrilled when a Weird Al Yankovich song, that was all about Star Wars, came on. You should have seen her.

They even played with rolls of toilet paper for a good hour. They would stack them into huge towers and knock them down. Who needs to buy blocks, when you can just use tp?

Anyway, today for our fun, we are going to rake the leaves outside. It might not be AS much fun for me, but the kids will love it. It will also be the perfect time to pick out some leaves for our fall foliage friends that we were supposed to make yesterday.

How are you making fun #1 today?

Do you want to hear the Star Wars song? Do ya, Do ya??? Press play below. :-)

Music Playlist at

Tuesday, November 4

Making Fun #1 - 11/05

Well, I didn't get to post earlier. Today was a busy day. I got a lot of laundry done, but not hung up yet. I was busy with work and had some internet issues. I definitely did NOT make fun #1 today. Although we did get silly a few times, have some tickle fights and we sang and danced.

As promised, here are the fall trees that my kiddos made. The miss (4) had a lot of fun with the craft. The mister (2) enjoyed painting the sticks, the table and his hands.

Now, you'll be surprised, but the tree that looks sort of like a wooden fence, is the miss'. It is actually a Christmas tree. And the mister had fun having me do most of the gluing. He just wanted to paint. :-)

Thankfully I had craft sticks and brown paint on hand. For the leaves, I used leftover yellow fabric.

So I am hoping we can have double the fun tomorrow, courtesy of Family Fun.

First, we'll make some Foliage Friends.
Later, we will play some Tabletop Soccer.

Do you have any ideas for Making Fun #1 today?

Monday, November 3

Making Fun #1

Since I work at home and try to pack in a lot of things into the day (laundry, housework, etc...), I don't feel I have enough fun time with the kids as I should. They play together well and probably also watch too much television, but I do what I can do. I don't do my best though, I can say that. So, I have made a goal for myself, Make Fun # 1!!!

I want to make it a point to plan at least one fun thing to do with the kids every day.

Each day, I will post the idea I find, after searching the internet, family magazines and blogs. And the next day, I will post a picture or video of our fun.

Today we are feeling a little under the weather around here, so I picked something easy, but still fun.

It is courtesy of Family Corner.Com

Craft Stick Fall Tree.

Stay tuned, tomorrow, I will post the kids' creations. :-)

Let me know if you would be interested in joining in on the Making Fun #1 posts. You could also post a fun idea and leave it in the comments. If I get enough people interested, I'll post a linky each day. Of course, I wouldn't expect everyone to join in EVERY DAY, unless you really wanted to. :-)