Friday, May 4

I Need Rest, Doctor's Orders!!!

So, I went to an appointment at the Women's Health Clinic on base today and decided to ask a little about thyroid problems. I don't really think I have a thyroid problem, but I wanted to find out if there could be a medical reason why I have been so very VERY fatigued and moody lately.

As I talked to the doctor about it, I realized how silly I was to think such a thing, especially when it is quite obvious what I am really suffering from...

This is about midway through the conversation, after she ran down the list of symptoms I would have with a thyroid problem.

Doctor: So, you've been really tired?

Me: Yes

D: and how old are your kids?

M: 3 and 10 months

D: And what do you do for a living?

M: I run a day care out of my house and watch 6 kids all day long.

D: Wow, okay! How much sleep do you get.

M: Oh, maybe 5 - 6 hours or so each night.

D: Do you drink a lot of water?

M: No, mainly Pepsi.

D: And how many Pepsi's?

M: Oh, 3-4 per day.

D: How about vitamins, are you taking any?

M: No, but I really should.

D: And are you exercising?

M: Other than housework and chasing after kids, No. But I've been wanting to and meaning to.

D: Well, we can still take your blood and test your thyroid, but I think you need to sleep, eat healthy, drink water and work out a bit.

Yeah, I realized all of that as I was talking with her. Obviously, I need to take better care of myself.