Monday, February 26

Why I blog

So, Iris tagged me with a meme to list off 5 reasons why I blog. So, here goes:

1. I originally started somewhat blogging three years ago. My hubby was sent to Korea for a year and I added a blog to my daughter's website. It was mainly used to show daddy pictures of how his little girl was growing.
When my hubby came back from Korea, we moved away from our family and closest friends, so I continued using the paid tripod site to post pictures of the little miss and write updates for all those we moved away from.
But then a friend of mine began to use blogger, so I jumped on the bandwagon. My blog was still used primarily for family, but I soon discovered blog rings, like Christian Women Online.
I began visiting other blogs out there and realized that I could do more with my blog than just journal day to day activities and post pictures. Although, this is still a primary goal of my blog, since it is used to keep family and far away friends caught up on my life. I reliazed that I could also blog about my walk with God. And maybe inspire others the way I was being inspired by so many blogs I visited.

2. The second main reason I blog, is because I express myself through writing. I do like to talk, but when it comes to really sharing myself, I do that best non-verbally. I am not a phone person, I am an emailer. And I open up best through the written word. So, a blog is wonderful for me.

3. As I touched upon in number 1, I like how blogging gives me an opportunity to talk about my faith, especially to those readers I have who I know aren't saved. I also am awed when someone tells me a post touched them. I think that's great! I know I am touched daily by many blogs that I visit.

4. I stay home all day long with the kiddos and run a day care out of my home, so this little blogdom gives me a link to the outside world. Plus, I learn so much from other SAHM, WAHM blogs that I read. Some of you are INCREDIBLE women.

5. Finally, I blog because it's fun. I look forward to posting and I must admit, I am quite addicted to it.

So, there you go. Now, I am supposed to tag you all..So.....I tag Dana, Janean, Jen, Barbara H and Yolanda