Saturday, February 24

Photo Time

So, it's time to make G.G. and grandma's day. Here are some pictures. Click on them to view them a tad larger.

Here is the mister man after falling asleep the other night. He's so stinking cute.

And here he is feeding himself for a little bit.

Now, I have been trying out various things to keep the kiddos busy. First, we covered the table in shaving cream. That was a hit and kept them busy for 45 minutes. But, it was a pain to clean.

A couple of days ago, I made some file folder games. I printed them out, laminated them and then glued them into file folders. The few that I most recently made, were made in a they aren't very pretty. I am going to make tons more though and take my time...make them look nice. I will then keep them all in a box. The kids play with them individually and they love them. So, here's some file folder game action.

It also helps to rip one out while trying to cook dinner. It keeps the miss busy.

Well, that's all I have for pictures for now.