Wednesday, February 28

Skin Like a Baby's

So, the mister has severe eczema. And yesterday, I thought that he was having a good day. His back was pretty red...his face just a little red...and although he had scratches healing and quite a bit of cradle cap, his head looked pretty good. He went to his well baby check up and had a different doctor than usual. He was sitting in my lap in just his diaper when the doctor walked into the exam room. The first thing out of his mouth was, "Wow...that baby needs some cream." I told him that I agreed and that what we had been given for him so far had not worked. I also mentioned that the mister was having a good skin day.

So the doctor told me that he wanted the mister to see the dermatologist right away.....within the hour, if possible. He got dermatology on the phone and he was approved for a walk in appointment. One nice thing about having appointments on base is that everything is right there. So dermatology was a hop, skip, jump away.

I was given a HUGE tub of a steroid cream to use for 5 days. The use of steroids does scare me, but I was assured that it would be okay and that it is only used for these 5 days. We also use it in the future during flare ups. He was also given a medication, in cream form, to use after the steroids, to keep control of it and keep his skin looking good. I was then ordered to lather him in the steroid cream in the morning and evening. Throughout the day I was to put vaseline all over exposed areas like his face, head and neck.

So, I did as I was told. Today, after just one application of steroid cream and several vaseline applications, our mister looks AMAZING. His skin is so clear and soft. I promised GG some pictures. So, here he is. Click them to view hem larger.

Yes, there is some food on the side of his mouth, but ignore that. Instead, you see his tooth???!?!?!?!?!?

He's a bit greasy from all of the vaseline.