Monday, February 26

Sewing Seeds

Wow, have I blogged a lot today, or what? So, in regards to the post below, I am not beating myself up for not going to Africa right now. I guess I was just trying to share how strongly it is on my heart right now. And lately, the kids in Africa seem to come up all the time. The organization I have been sponsoring a child through had problems with the orphanage they were helping to support. It was an issue with one of the children molesting other children. Through lots of prayer, they decided to work with a different orphanage and have focused their attention on one out in Northern Uganda. So, I get to now sponsor a child in Northern Uganda. Anyway, that's just one example.

So, I know that right now I am not supposed to go to Uganda. I do have that tug to help...A STORNG TUG. But God has also given me something else to devote my time to right now, and that is my young children. I DO KNOW, or at least think I know...that I will go to Uganda someday and help one on one with the kids....but until then, there are so many other things I can do to help.

I was just surfing blogs this afternoon, and I came across a site with a great cause. Randi's daughter is headed to Kenya this June on a Missions trip to an orphanage. Randi wanted to help and has decided to take on a project enlisting people to help her to sew skirts for the little girls in the orphanage. The skirt itself looks like it would be pretty easy. And I have 2 friends who may be able to teach me how to make it. Plus, I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to sew and now I have a great project nudging me. So, I am highly considering taking part in it. And how blessed I will be to know that some little girl in Kenya will be receiving my skirt...smiling over it...wearing it...dancing in it...singing in it. So, yes, it's things like this that I can do to help.

The picture posted below, will take you to Randi's site. And if you are interested in making a skirt, all the information you need can be found there.