Thursday, February 8

When You Gather In His Name

It's been a tough week....and I am oh so tired. I want a vacation to just sleep. LOL! Tuesday night, our little mister started throwing up at around midnight. He was very phlegmy and horribly congested. He was having a hard time breathing. At first we thought he might have the flu, but we also thought that he was just so congested that his body was just trying to get rid of it. We gave him some decongestant, but he ended up throwing that up too. I tried to elevate his head with some pillows, but it wasn't giving him much relief. So for awhile, I slept sitting up, holding him upright.

In the morning, we went and got some Pedialyte just in case, but he ended up keeping down the jar of bananas I gave him and a bottle of water. By mid-afternoon, he was so hungry, I gave in and gave him a bottle and he was fine. He was pretty fussy though and just wanted to be held most of the day, poor guy. Then last night, we were up until 4:00 A.M. with the little man. He just couldn't seem to get comfy and he cried and cried. And I HAD to get up at 5:30, so again it was another night of no sleep.

Today, he just didn't seem right. He cried while eating and again just wanted to be in my arms all day. I was thinking that maybe he was getting a tooth or something. Well, at 4:30 this afternoon, I figured out what was wrong. His tongue was covered in little white patches, it looked like dried up formula. But then I saw them on the inside of his mouth too. I knew right away that it meant thrush. Poor guy. So, I'll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow.

So tonight was my Bible study night and Tiffany and I lead the worship for it. Plus, it was my night to bring treats. But, Tiffany came down with the flu, so I'd be the only one doing music. Since I was so tired and had a sick mister, I decided to go, but just to bring treats and sing, then I'd head back home. I brought the little man, because he was less likely to fuss if he was with me than he would staying at home with daddy, with his momma nowhere to be found.

After the songs and before I headed out for home, the Bible study leader and all the other gals prayed for the little mister. He was fussy right beforehand, but when our leader placed her hand on him and began to pray, he instantly stopped crying. She prayed for his health and for his thrush to heal. She also prayed for control of his eczema. She then prayed for strength for me and the hubby....and for patience during the late nights. She prayed for my health as well, since I am getting over being sick. I was so glad that I decided to go. I know that those prayers will help. So far, he's been sleeping pretty soundly, which is great.

The power of prayer, I tell you what!!!