Monday, February 19

Quick Invisible Children Update

As I talked about earlier, I am trying to do a screening out here of the film, Invisible Children. Their Mountain West tour team will be out in my area in April. Tiffany and I are going to see if our pastor will show the film one night. I am also working on trying to secure a larger location where I can try to get some of the public to attend.

There is an event center with a theater out here, I emailed them to see if we could use their center. Of course we can, but they do charge $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Invisible Children asks that we do our own fundraising for the venue, if it is one that charges. I have emailed the gal at the center back to see if we can get some sort of a discount since we will be fundraising to use their venue for the screening. So I'll see what she says.I am prepared to hear a big fat NO however.

I just talked to a gal from Invisible Children who works in their San Diego offices and was able to get some information from her on setting up the screening.

I am very excited to be putting this together and I hope that it can all work out.

If you guys have any fundraising suggestions, I am all ears!!!! I don't know many people out here and am not involved with any groups out here. So, it'll be just little old me....and Tiff!