Thursday, February 8

An Offer for YOU!!!

Okay, so when I first started using blogger, all of the html and css coding stuff confused the heck out of me. And, when it came time to find a template, I hated the ones that blogger had. I would visit so many blogs and they all had such cute banner images..with pictures and Bible verses or quotes. Since then, I have gotten much more familiar with html and css and have made my current banner image. I can't do really awesome stuff, but I can do somewhat cute things...and I'd like to keep learning and I love being if you have a basic blogger template...and would like me to work on a banner image for you, let me know. I'd be happy to create one for you and hopefully code it correctly so that it can display on your page properly. I have made some for a friend in the past and the image never showed up. So, I can't make any promises that it will all work out well...cuz I'm a newbie at all of this...but I'd like to try. So, comment here if you'd like me to try to make some cute banner for you. I'll email you and we'll start from there. Oh, and I won't be charging for this or anything. I am just doing it for fun. :o)