Tuesday, February 20

Sick Again

Well, I am sick again. I actually closed day care today. The parents were very understanding. I think I got 3 hours of sleep last night. The mister just wasn't wanting to sleep at all and I was up very often with a stomach bug. Ya know, I think I have been sick more times in the past several months, than my daughter has been in over a year.

One of my day care kiddos stayed home yesterday because she had a stomach bug, so I wonder if maybe her brother had it..but wasn't showing signs yet. Maybe he gave it to me. Or maybe it was something I ate. Who knows.

All I know is I currently don't feel well at all.....very VERY crampy. :o(

I've been trying to get the miss to understand that I don't feel well, but she isn't liking it very much that I want to lay down. She keeps informing me that the sun is up and that I need to also be up. The mister has been pretty good though. At least he doesn't seem to need to be held much today. Because holding him against me hurts my poor tummy.

I have yet to eat anything and I am starving, but afraid. I think I'll try a banana or a piece of bread.

I really do like the quote for In Other Words today. So, if I start feeling better, I will write my post for it today....later.