Tuesday, February 6

Not what the doctor ordered

So, when you are already tired and have 5 kids under your care, it isn't smart to accidentally take the nighrtime drowsy, so you can rest, tylenol cold medicine. My eyes are starting to feel heavy. Time to blast some upbeat music or something...AAARRGGH!

So, I got stuck in a dress last night and had to have it cut off of me. So sad, it was such a beautiful dress. I am trying to find something to wear to the catered semi-formal Valentine's dinner that our church is hosting. I honestly don't have a thing to wear!!!! We have an awesome resale shop out here that caters mainly to those in Juniors clothing and they only sell really nice stuff that isn't over a year old. So, I thought that I would definitely find a dress there. No luck!!!!

They had this one dress that was really pretty and PERFECT. It was dressy, but not too dressy. I loved it and it fit well. It was just a little too low cut in the front...for me. When I first started to put it on, the zipper broke. The little part that you use to pull the zipper up, came right off. I was still able to put it on, but it was tough. Taking it off was another matter. I couldn't get the zipper to budge at all. I finally peeked my head out of the dressing room and asked one of the employees for help. She tried for awhile and couldn't get it either. She had another gal try, but the zipper wasn't going to budge. They finally decided that with the zipper broken, they couldn't sell it anymore, so they grabbed some scissors and cut it off of me.

We were all sad to cut it. We all agreed that it was a gorgeous dress.

Anyway, that's my story. I am going to go for now and try hard not to fall asleep.