Saturday, February 24

Sound Byte Saturday #1

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For Sound Byte Saturday you can post a video or audio clip on your blog to best sum up your mood for the past week as a Sound Byte Of The Week, or just for Saturday as a Saturday Sound Byte.

Basically, post anything that has sound like video, music, or even your own homemade sound bytes. If you want, you can explain your choice of Sound Byte, or not... and let us figure it out for ourselves.

Okay, so this is my first Sound Byte Saturday. I had a pretty uneventful...normal week. Thursday night was Bible Study, and once again, it was GREAT! And when I came home from it, I immediately sat down and watched Grey's Anatomy. It was the episode I had been waiting for all week long. And it was good, predictable, but good. And so today I chose some clips from the last half of the episode for today's sound byte. The second clip is the point Thursday night where I lost it. The minute long moment that Izzy and Denny shared. INCREDIBLE. Enjoy! And thank you for visiting my Sound Byte Saturday.

This clip is about nine minutes long

This is the 60 second Izzy/Denny tear jerker