Tuesday, February 13

In Other Words

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I remember about six years ago, I was driving home from work. It had been a long, tough day and I was tired. I was at a stoplight, kind of in a zone while trying to recover form the sensory overload that was my day, when I looked up at the sky and saw it. It was a rainbow like I had never seen before. It was a full rainbow that seemed to cover the entire sky. It was breathtaking. It was gorgeous. And right then and there, I praised God for the beauty of His creation. And for the rest of the evening my mood was changed.

When I read today's quote, I immediately thought of a rainbow and of one of my favorite quotes, "it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow".

The plans God has for us, the matters of our souls, the work God has for us to do, will be as magnificent as a full rainbow draping the sky after a storm. But there can't be a rainbow without the rain clouds. And in our life, those dark clouds will come. They will call for us to rely on our faith. They will shape us and change us for God's purpose.

But my oh my, while the rain is pouring down, it can be so hard to remember that a rainbow is on its way. Especially if it has been storming for a LONG time. And how tempting it is for us to no longer wait for God's timing. How easy it is for us to think we know what is best and to try to create our own sunshine.

But those present comforts are just that, present. They don't last long and they don't sustain us. With our own hands, minds, wants and desires, we can probably create a rainbow for ourselves, but it won't be the one that captivates us, that leaves us in complete awe as we praise God for His work.

And, I don't know about you, but I think I'll wait for THAT one. I want God's rainbow after my storm.