Friday, January 12

Prayer and Praise

Well, I head out soon to the Ladies' Retreat. And I know GG is worried about us driving out there during our little storm. But, everything here is actually pretty good. Roads are in good condition and we received word that where the camp is, the sun is shining brightly. So, we will be fine. I am just doing last minute laundry and getting all packed up. I am also trying to straighten out a bit around here for the hubby who will be running the fort tonight and most of tomorrow. I am only leaving him with one child though, and taking the mister with me.

I am DEFINITELY looking forward to having time to meet and bond with some other gals and to spend time in the Word tonight and tomorrow.

Oh and one more thing, please pray for my friend, Faeryland Mom. She is the gal I am going on the retreat with. She has been having a rough week and an especially draining day today. Pray for her to be refreshed....for her spirit to be renewed. Pray also for our safety on our trip to and from the retreat. Thank you!

Now that I placed a request, it is time for a praise. Last week, we were told that DH was placed back onto a retraining list for the Air Force that would force him to turn in a retraining package and choose a new career field. This would mean time away for training, possible deployments and a move to a new base. Before getting that list, DH was planning on applying to become a recruiter possibly here or back in Arizona. A recruiter job would keep him at the same base for the remainder of his time left in the Air Force. It would also be a controlled tour, meaning that he wouldn't be deployed. So we were excited to go that route and were a bit bummed when we received word that he had to now retrain and all of that. Well, it turns out, as of today, that he is no longer on the list. Some higher ups revised the list to not include so many people. Since he was near the end of the list, he is now removed. So, that is definitely a blessing.

Oh and speaking of blessings, we have hot water again!! It only cost $95.00, lol...but the hot shower was worth it! Our home was built in '98 and has had the same water heater in it. The guy who came out, lit the pilot light, tightened a couple of things and also warned that we may have a faulty switch. I guess there is no way to test the switch, but if it is faulty, once it gets too hot, it turns the pilot light off. So, he said we may think about purchasing another water heater. Turns out, DH's boss just bought a larger water heater and will sell us his current one, that is only two years old, for $50.00. We would then only pay for the installation. That will definitely save us some money. And a newer water heater will help in resale too, if we do end up having to move soon.

Well, I am off to finish getting ready. I wish you all a blessed weekend. I'll try to come on Saturday night to post pictures and tell you all about the retreat. And then I'll see some of you here Sunday for Psalms Sunday!