Monday, January 22

Pray For Our Country

So, I used to visit the Presidential Prayer Team site, that is linked on my sidebar, often. But honestly, it's been over a year since I have headed over to it. Shame on me. I do feel it is very important to pray for our leaders and our country. I went to the site this morning and decided to copy and paste for you the prayer requests listed.

"Pray for President Bush as he continues to prepare his State of the Union Address to be delivered on January 23, asking God’s complete guidance and help for him and members of his staff. Pray that he will cover the issues of greatest importance and that he will energize citizens and members of Congress alike as together we look to the future. Pray for members of his cabinet as they consult with the President on strategic initiatives.

Pray for God's mighty strength and endurance for President Bush as he continues to seek support for his new plan for Iraq. Pray that he will meet the cares of each day with God’s wisdom and energy, and that those who surround him with advice, service and support will also seek to have their hearts surrendered to God's will.

As violence continues to rage in Iraq, pray for the spirit of peace to come to that nation, its leaders and its cities, asking God to help and protect Iraqis who desire a peaceful democracy. Pray for success for Prime Minister Maliki, Iraqi militia and all leaders as they seek to get control of their nation. Pray for the success of the President's new initiative in Iraq, that troop increases and new strategies will succeed bringing peace to Iraq and enabling the eventual withdrawal of coalition troops.

Pray for Secretary of State Rice as she continues to work to gain support for peace negotiations in the Middle East and support for the President’s plan in Iraq, asking God to protect her and lead her in each step of her negotiations. Pray for her meetings in London on the final leg of this trip.

As much of the nation seeks to recover from devastating killer storms in recent days, pray for those who have lost loved ones to be comforted and for those who have lost property to be provided with what they need.

As each week brings more potential presidential candidates into the ring, pray for this process, asking God to guide each one considering this important venture, and praying for the sentiment and interest of the American people to be directed toward His will. Pray for candidates who will honor and serve God if they are elected.

As series of attacks on churches in North Carolina brings to light the need for protection and security for our nation’s churches, pray for their protection, asking that those who would plan and carry out attacks on churches will be stopped before they can succeed.

Give thanks for the many Christians currently serving at all levels on Capitol Hill, praying that those in whom Jesus Christ dwells will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live confidently and boldly for Him. Pray that their influence will impact the Capitol for God and for good, and pray that relationships among staffers at every level will be strengthened.

As Japan and Thailand have confirmed cases of H5N1, the deadly avian flu virus, pray for success in battling the spread of this disease. Pray for Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt and his team as they work to stop its spread.

Pray for all members of our military as they continue to serve with steadfastness and diligence, safeguarding our freedom and working to obtain it for millions more. Pray for those who will be deployed in support of the President's new plan--for their safety and protection, for each to have the resources they need to do their jobs well, and for their families who also sacrifice."