Wednesday, January 17

Little Petty Chaotic Things

So, I had a crazy afternoon for a bit...but I tell you it wore me out. My poor little mister is sick. He has been running about a 102.5 temp all day. Medicine isn't bringing it down yet. But, that could be a good thing if his body really needs to fight something. DH took him to the doctor this morning and they gave him some medicine, so hopefully he'll feel better soon.

When nap time started today for the kids, I tried to get the mister comfortable in his swing so that he would fall asleep and I could have a few minutes to myself. I NEED some peace for a few after a crazy morning with all the day care kids. But, the poor guy was crying and moving all around and scratching up his head like crazy. I trim his little nails as short as I can, yet he still finds ways to cut himself all up. So, I tried to get him calm and then one of my day care kiddos, who was resting downstairs in the finished basement, comes to me to tell me there is a mouse downstairs.

Sure enough, a little baby mouse is just sitting in the basement near the closet doors that hide the water heater and stuff. I am a tad concerned about the fact that we have a baby mouse, because I am fairly certain it means that there are more babies somewhere. Yay for us! So, I go upstairs to try to find something to try to catch him in and quickly make a pit stop to the little mister to try to calm him down, since he is still squirming all about, crying and making his head bleed.

As I head back into the kitchen to look for a container to catch him in, I realize my floor is sopping wet. Water was leaking from the dishwasher that I had running. GREAT! So I get a container and a trap, head downstairs, try to convince the mouse that he wants to crawl into the container with a little bit of peanut butter, but he doesn't like that idea. He runs under the water heater. I set a trap and head back upstairs. I again, try to calm the little man...but stop for a minute to wipe up the small flood in my kitchen.

So, finally, I get that done. I go over to the now screaming mister, to help him sleep when I hear the miss yelling to me about pooping or something. I go in her room, and she had decided to sit on top of her play chest to go to the bathroom and then cleaned it up with some of her clothes. You've got to be kidding me, right?

So, I pick that up, yell at her to go to bed, then head back downstairs to help the sick mister to sleep.

Flustered and desiring ever so much to relax, I call my friend, Faeryland Mom, to ask her to pray for me. I was feeling overwhelmed and at the end of my rope. When we finished praying, I then felt kinda dumb. I mean, there are people who have children who are dying and I am getting all stressed out over petty little things.

But then she told me that it's still good to go to God with the little things, that's what He wants. He blesses us for it. And it helps us remember to go to Him with the big things.

What I really wanted this afternoon though, was for God to send a lightning bolt to get the mouse, angels to sing lullabies to the mister to put him to sleep and the water on my floor to magically suck itself back up into the dishwasher.

But, getting some extra patience and calmness worked too, I think.