Tuesday, January 23

Distant Melody

When I was six years old or so, I had a close friend, Brian. I found myself playing at his house often. He had an older sister named Emily. I remember one particular time, Emily had been chosen to play Wendy in her school's production of Peter Pan. She got to sing a song in the show entitled Distant Melody. I remember her teaching it to me and I remember listening to her practice it over and over again. This came to mind just a little bit ago, when I was sitting here rocking my little mister to sleep. I began to sing that song to him. I haven't heard that song since I was six years old, yet to this day I still remember it. Up above is a clip from another production of Peter Pan with the song, Distant Melody. It's a really pretty song.

Anyway, I have always been that way with music. I remember tons of songs from my childhood. I can easily recall their melodies and lyrics at the drop of a hat. In fact, I have always been great at memorization. That is how I scored so well on the majority of all of my tests in school.....memorization. I make hundreds upon hundreds of flashcards when studying and then review them until they are all memorized. Sometimes I just read my notes over and over again until they are memorized and when I take my tests, sometimes with certain questions, I can actually visualize the answer on my notes. I can see where I had it written and what everything around that word or subject said.

I am always getting tons of songs stuck in my head. I have sung and performed so many in my lifetime, that my brain has become a giant song storage unit. It's crazy how much one can remember.

So, where am I going with this? Sorry, I know that was a lot of rambling.

There are 30,442 verses in the Bible according to some Bible trivia site I just came across on the web. I can't say that I have yet to read all of them. I am working on it. But, I have read quite a bit of the Bible. I am lacking in the Old Testament department. I have read the entire New Testament. I have many verses that I love and have written down. There are many verses I have underlined with the goal of memorizing them. But sadly, if you asked me right now to spit off to you thirty verses including their book and chapter for reference, I probably couldn't do it.

That saddens me. Especially, when I think about how many random songs I can sing to you from off of the top of my head, including ones in German.

My goal for awhile has been to memorize, memorize, memorize scripture. I do know that there are times when the Spirit will give you the verse when speaking to someone. You'll spit out the verse and reference and be a little shocked and excited that you knew it. I have had that happen before. But, I do feel that Bible memorization is TRULY important. And tonight as I rocked the little mister and sang to him another childhood song, I really felt a tug in my heart to have just as many Bible verses come pouring out of me as I do songs.

So, that's my goal.

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word..... I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you" (Psalm 119:9, 11)