Thursday, November 1

The Praying Mister

So, ever since we put the mister at the table with us, in a booster seat, at meal times, he has paid more attention to us when we pray. When he was in his highchair, he'd ignore us, as he focused on his food. He loves to eat. But at the table, I'd watch him as we prayed, and he'd just sit there observing us. Well, one night, he had gotten his dinner first and then the miss and I sat down. The hubby then slowly followed. The mister was chowing down on his meal, but as soon as the hubby sat down, the mister dropped his fork and immediately folded his hands in prayer. It was the cutest thing. And now, if you tell him to pray, he folds his little hands. The only time he doesn't do it, is when I tell him to pray while holding a camera. He just won't let me get a picture of it. But 2 mornings ago, I was able to kinda get a picture of him praying. He has just started to fold his hands.
So here's the praying mister.