Friday, November 16

Food allergies are no fun

So, the miss is allergic to tree nuts, which includes well every kind of nut you can think of, except for peanuts, because those are actually legumes.
Today there was a Thanksgiving potluck at the hubby's work. I wasn't too too worried, because we control what goes on her plate, but in the back of my mind I thought it important to bring her super strength Benadryl. It was prescribed specifically for allergic reactions, because it is stronger than normal Benadryl for her age would be. And of course I have the Epi-Pen in my purse. So as we walked into the area to eat, we walked past the table with desserts, and I quickly glanced at them. I saw a red velvet cake amongst the other cakes and cookies and thought it would be a safe bet for the miss. Plus it's red, which I thought she would love.
So once we were done eating, hubby went and got desserts for us while I stayed with the kids who were watching Shrek on a huge tv.
So the miss ate about half of her cake when she looked at me like a deer in headlights. She told me her tongue hurt, she ate nuts, and she needed her medicine. She is such a good girl. I am glad she can recognize how it feels when she eats a nut. I was surprised and grabbed her plate. And sure enough, there mixed into the cake, were tiny pieces of chopped up nuts. And I mean, tiny! Like the gal who made the cake, took out her Pampered Chef chopper and made these itty bitty pieces of nuts.
The last time she had a half of a piece of a pecan, we had the paramedics at our house, because she was in bad shape, she threw up, had an excess of saliva..was just wasn't good.
We gave her the benadryl, and for the first 7 minutes or so, it was a bit scary, as she told me her throat hurt and stuff...and she did look swollen. But she ended up being just fine, thank goodness.
As we drove home, she told me that the medicine worked and she felt much better. She then said..."Listen, mommy, I can breathe again." And she took breaths for me. That led me to believe that she must have felt tight before and her throat was swollen a bit.
I have learned that I need to taste everything before she eats it. I should have broken up her cake a bit and inspected it more. So, now I know. We have another Christmas potluck to attend with my work in a few weeks, so I will be prepared for that one.