Wednesday, November 14

Good Ol' Vaccinations

Well, I came across information regarding a book by Dr. Sears, The Vaccine Book, Making the Right Decision for Your child. I am very interested in picking up a copy of this book. I'll have to see if there is a copy at the library.
The site that I just linked to explains a bit about the book and a bit about vaccinations, so check out the link above.
Nobody has yet to prove a link between vaccines and autism, but many parents with autistic children can tell you that it seemed to take form in their child's lives after certain vaccinations.
Those parents are thinking that there are some children who are born with a weaker immune system, that can't handle the vaccinations as well as children who don't have the weaker immune system. The body ends up attacking itself. A child who is on a lot of antibiotics all the time, due to being sick all of the time, or having ear infections all of the time, end up with an influx of yeast in their gut, which can bring on problems. Perhaps mercury is to blame. There is mercury in many vaccinations.
Nonetheless, many who are against vaccinations or maybe against vaccinating at such young of an age, suggest a different vaccination schedule for children, where they are receiving the vaccinations when they are a little bit older.
My son happens to be a bit behind on his immunization schedule. Now it isn't because I insisted that he get immunized when he was older. It just happened to turn out that way. We'd go to get him immunized and he'd be sick, or they were out of the shots, or whatever. But to be honest, I was a little relieved that he was behind. Because I have been aware of the possible autism/vaccination link. Also, my son's head measured rather largely at like his 6 month checkup and that worried me a bit too, because usually autistic kids have a larger head circumference. So it was always in the back of my mind that possibly, he could end up having autism, so when he got behind in his shots, I didn't mind one bit.
However, the doctors didn't like it. They made me feel like I was the worst mother on earth. When he went to the base, right before the hubby got out of the Air Force, for his 12 month check up, they saw how behind he was. I was lectured like crazy. I was told of babies who have died recently because they weren't immunized against a disease that they picked up. I was told that many people in our state choose not to have their kids immunized and that every time I go to Wal-Mart or a grocery store, I am exposing him to their germs. They wrote me up a new vaccination schedule and stressed that I follow it exactly.
He now has a civilian doctor, since we are no longer in the Air Force, and he too, seems very strict about immunizations, which I may keep in mind. We might choose a new doctor, because I think I want to have my baby that is due in March, to be a bit behind in vaccinations as well.
Until someone can show me proof that there is no harm done with vaccinations, than I won't worry about it.
I'm curious to hear what you all think about this topic....