Friday, November 9

Louder Than Words

So, I received a notice today, that my days of waiting for Jenny McCarthy's new book at the library had ended. Having been on the waiting list for awhile, it was finally my turn. I have been so excited to read this book. I have been intrigued by autism for 10 years now, for no exact reason, actually. It is just something that has interested me greatly. I have read many books about it. I have written many research papers on it. I have an entire folder in my filing cabinet filled with articles about autism.
And I finished the book in an hour. I had some time to myself this afternoon, and instead of cleaning or doing laundry, I read the book. And it was so interesting. I really recommend it. Autism is become so prevalent now, that I think it's important for any mom-to-be, parents of infants, or those who plan on having children someday to stay on top of. Because right now, one out of every one hundred fifty kids is autistic. So, I just had to quickly share. Jenny was able to cure her son, with ABA therapy, special diets and things like that, he no longer is stuck in the lost autistic world. Her story is incredible.