Friday, November 9

Need Your Help, Please

Okay, a lot of you blogging folk, are moms. Maybe you have been through a similar situation and you can help me out. Maybe there is really nothing I can do, and I have to wait for my daughter to grow out of her phase. But, I am seriously at my wit's end. Nothing helps. Sending her to her room, spankings, yelling, talking about it all camly, taking away privileges....nothing gets through to her. And lately, I have been doing too much yelling, I am sure of it. I am convicted each time, but it can just be so frustrating.
Let's see, where to begin. My daughter, who will be 4 next week, loves to get into EVERYTHING. There are times, I leave her unsupervised. I mean, I can't watch her ever second of the day, and at those times, she gets into things. When I think she is using the potty, she is in my makeup,breaking my lipsticks, bending my mascara wands... destroying everything. She is dumping out bottles of lotion into the trash. I have since moved my makeup, so she no longer gets into it.
When I think she is playing, she is taking books off of my bookshelf, including Bibles, and taking them into her room. Some she treats nicely, others, she tears up. I found pages of a Bible strewn around her room.
She has some sort of poop fetish. I think 4 times now, it has been found smeared on her walls, her clothes, her curtains, her toys...things like that.
And in the morning, when she wakes up before us, she goes downstairs and gets into the fridge, into cabinets or into my purse. This is the third morning, that I have found the contents of my purse scattered all over the family room floor.
I know that a simple solution is to keep my purse in my room, but I don't always remember, especially when getting home at midnight after working.
She has ruined many of my things, and it's frustrating.
And then, she has an attitude. Oh my, sometimes, I think I am raising a 13 year old in a four year old's body. Of course she is testing me, but everything is a fight. When I ask her to do something, she responds with, "I don't want to." Or she does that little "hmmph" sound. The other day, she was talking on her play phone when I was asking her to come to me, so that we could put on her socks and shoes. She continued on a conversation with the friends on her pretend phone, while ignoring me. When I repeated myself, she rudely informed me that she was on the phone. When I told her she better get over to me right now, she told her pretend friends in an annoyed tone to hold on a sec. While she came over to me with an annoyed..."What?!?!"

I feel like I am complaining too much about my daughter now. She really is a sweet little girl who is a joy. She is smart and full of energy. She is entertaining. But, she is also into everything, we are butting heads like crazy, and I really don't know what to do about it anymore, because nothing seems to work.

I have read the things about strong-willed children and love and logic. I give her choices. I explain how her choice was a bad one. I mean, I have gone that route too.

We have also talked about sinning, and how when she disobeys mommy, she is sinning, because God says to obey.

And other times, we don't talk about it, I just simply holler for her to get into her room. Which she does, slamming the door behind her, because she's 13.

I just don't know what to do.

Any advice?