Monday, November 19

Our Homemade Ornaments

Well, things will be a little different this year with our tree as well. Over the past few years, most of our ornaments have been the bulb type ornaments, because they are fairly inexpensive, but they break easily. We do have some Hallmark ornaments, since traditionally I buy each family member one each year. And we have some other regular ornaments. But this year, the bulbs will not be put onto our tree. Last year, the miss broke many of them. She even put some into her mouth. And with the mister being a toddler who is into things, I think it would be best to keep them boxed up.
But I do not want to go out and spend money on new ornaments to decorate our entire tree with.
I may buy some after Christmas, when they go on sale, for next year. But I will not buy any before then.
So, this year, we will have mainly homemade ornaments on our tree. That is, if I am not getting myself in over my head here. I do want to decorate this Friday and throughout the weekend. The miss is so excited to put our tree up.
So, we need to get cracking on these ornaments here, soon.

I wanted to share with you the really neat ornament ideas I found online. Because although they will be homemade, I don't want my tree to just be filled with construction paper. I do want it to look pretty, you know?

Sheet music star ornament

Martha Stewart Click and Print ornaments

stained glass ornaments

paper tree ornament

victorian paper ornament printable

Candy cane ornament minus the bear, I think.

Drum Ornament

puzzle piece ornament

Victorian icing card decorations

Christmas card star ornament

I think I may also get some plastic ball type ornaments and let the miss fill them up with tinsel, potpourri, glitter, and paper snowflakes. That would be easy and fun for her to do.

Do you know of any easy to make ornaments?