Sunday, November 4

I Hate Daylight Savings

So this whole changing our clocks thing is rather annoying. See, I lived in Arizona for 15 or so years, so moving to a location that takes part in daylight savings has been strange.
I had to get up this morning at 5:50 A.M., thanks to my wonderful mister. Which really, it was 6:50 to my body, since it isn't used to the time change yet. And that isn't much earlier than I usually get up. But, I still knew it was really 5:50,which IS MUCH earlier than 7:15 A.M., and I wanted to be curled up in bed. So, now it is 1:35 P.M., and I feel like it should be 4:00 P.M. already.
I have gotten a ton accomplished today. I cleaned my kitchen thoroughly, including the microwave and organized it in some places as well. I also did a ton of laundry and hung up the clean clothes. And I still have a chunk of the day left.
We were all up in plenty of time to get ready for church this morning, but the poor mister has a bad cold. His nose is a faucet, he is coughing a bit and he has slept a lot today. Maybe because he got up at 5:50 in the morning. Actually, he was up before then, it just took me a good 15 minutes or so before I got up to get to him. I knew the nursery workers at church wouldn't have been happy, had we brought him to church, so we stayed home and missed church AGAIN. But, it will be a big priority to go next week.

I do work tonight, but I don't have to be there for 4 more hours.
This is one long day.
Hopefully I am not up at 5:50 tomorrow morning as well. That would just not be fun.

I did find out just now that I am number 2 on the waiting list at the nearby library for the Jenny McCarthy book, Louder Than Words. For some reason, I have always been fascinated by autism and I am so excited to read Jenny's book. When I first signed up for the waiting list, I was number 18. So, to be number 2, makes me happy!

Okay, I have posted quite a bit today, probably because I got up before the sun did. Have a great rest of the day.