Friday, March 30

Here's to the beginning of busy weekends

Well, I will be a busy bee this weekend. Tonight I am going to go to my friend's house so that she can help me sew a skirt for the Sewing Seeds project. I am excited. And this will be my first time ever using a sewing machine. I am going to use my daughter for measurements and take her with me to help pick out the fabric. Tomorrow morning, Tiffany and I will be putting flyers up all over the place to advertise the Invisible Children screening that we will be doing on April 9th. I hope people go to it. I am so worried that nobody will show up. There is room for 200 people and I would love to fill it. I have advertised it in all of the area's event calendars and papers. Tiffany called some radio stations to have them advertise it. Invisible Children sent to me 100 postcards with information about the film and a place where I was able to fill out the details of when and where. So, we will leave stacks of those in various places. We also made up some flyers to put up in local coffe shops and stores with bulletin boards. And we are going to put up tons of flyers all over the nearby University. So, we'll see what happens.

And then, it's Miss Tiffany's anniversary this weekend. So, we will be watching her kiddos for her, while she and her hubby go away, overnight, celebrate. So, this weekend is sure to fly.

April starts soon soon soon. My classes begin April 2nd. I will have one class every 5 weeks. I won't be done with my certificate until next summer. If I was able to go full time, 2 classes every 5 weeks, I'd be done by the end of fall semester. But, I am considered a first year student for the certificate although credit wise, I am a junior, I am getting funds from the government as if I were a first year student. So, I can't afford to pay to go full time. My loan barely covers my part time fees. Oh well. A year will go by quickly.

So, next week, when my class starts, if I am not on here often, please understand that I am busy and getting the hang of fitting school in again. The last time I took classes online, I was pregnant with the baby boy. So, things will be different now that I have 2 kiddos.

I'll post a picture tonight or tomorrow of the skirt I make...if it ends up coming out okay.