Wednesday, March 14

Quick..Some Photos

So, my camera was out of batteries, which is why I hadn't posted pictures in awhile. So, I am going to share some pictures from a couple of weeks ago.
And I'll take some new ones today or tomorrow and get those up soon.

I took the kiddos to a huge Christian bookstore / play center for a premiere of one of the new Veggie Tales movies, and they had a Narnia room to play in. The miss was able to walk through a wardrobe and into Narnia. Here she is under a painting of Aslan.
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Here's another shot of her playing around that day.
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Here is the mister last week when he wasn't feeling well. :o(
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And here are his little feeters.
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And finally, the miss loves to wear her tiara while taking a bath. It cracked me of course I took a picture of it.
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My posting will be quite sporadic. I have been BUSY, busy. Next month, my calendar is pretty heavily full. I am jumping back into my Usborne book selling. I am doing a big home show on the 21st of April. I am also going to be working a booth at a local children's festival on April 14th. The booth is free as long as the kids have an activity to partake a craft or story time. So, I'll have a bunch of books displayed and do story time for the kids. And have a drawing to get some parents' information. And then, there is the Invisible Children film screening in April. I just got word that two boxes are on their way to me filled with posters, flyers, stickers, DVDs and all sorts of other promotional items. So, I am excited. And, I am starting some more classes up again this summer and two of them start on April 30th. So, goodness...April is sure to fly by.
But, I have been busy planning for many of the activities next month. So, I apologize for not blogging as much.