Friday, March 30

A Little Relieved

So, I was bummed to realize that I had to go part time to school. I am anxious to just be done, web design diploma in hand and making websites. I was just officially placed into my class that starts on Monday and since they know that some of us signed up at the last minute, they are providing us with free trials to the software we will need. This way we have time to purchase them. They are also providing the first week's reading assignment online in an e-book form. Thankfully, my books should be here Wednesday, because reading it on the computer is a bit difficult for me. And I am not about to print it all first week's reading assignment is 196 pages long. I have two books for my class. And I am pretty certain it won't be the most exciting read. So, after seeing what my reading assignment is for the week, I am now happy that I am only taking one class every five weeks, instead of two. I think one is about all I can handle right now. My class is information design. I am not sure yet what I will be learning. But my books are Design for New Media: Interaction Design for Multimedia and the Web and The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web.

Hopefully I enjoy it!