Thursday, March 29

A Conversation With My Mom

My mom called me today. I saw on caller id who it was and answered the phone, "hey."

My Mom: Can I talk to Erica, please?

Me: This is me, mom.

My Mom: Who is this?

Me: Your daughter.

My Mom: Which daughter? (I'm her only daughter)

Me: You have more than one daughter?

My Mom: No....Erica???

Me: Yes, mom.

My Mom: Hi. How are you? How are the kids?

Me: Good, we're all good.

My Mom: How's Steve.

Me: He's good.

My Mom: You're married, right?

Me: Um, yes mom. We have kids and stuff.

My Mom: Okay, just making sure you're married. That's important you know.

Me: Yes, we are.

My Mom: Well, I am going to go now. I don't have anything to talk about.

Me: Okay.

So, that's pretty much a typical conversation that I have with her. I'm used to it by now. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Other times, it makes me sad. For those who don't know, my mom has Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable disease that attacks the myelin.
Myelin protects the nerves and makes their job possible. Myelin is also used in sending messages throughout the brain and central nervous system. So, Multiple Sclerosis affects her memory, her walking, her body's control...lots of stuff.
When I am around my mom, I have to help her do most everything from walking to using the bathroom. It's hard at times...hard to see her like that. It's also hard because growing up, we had our differences and we weren't very close. And now that I'm a mom, there are times when I'd love to be able to call her up and ask her advice on things. I'd like to know what experiences she remembers having with me when I was my daughter's age. I want to know what my mom was like in her 20's. I just want to know my mom, ya know?

I am thankful to have a great mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law who I can go to for those questions I have about my kids and what not, but it does stink that my mom can't be that person for me.

I had registered for the MS walk this spring, but I have scheduling conflicts and won't be able to take part in it. But, a friend of mine, Nicole, will be walking next month. Please consider making a donation to her for her walk. Someday they will find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Someday children won't know what it's like to watch their parents deteriorate before their eyes because of MS. And it will be funds from donations...from people who care...that will help in the discovery of a cure. Thank you for your help.
My friend's MS Walk Site where you can donate