Friday, March 2

So, Do You Eavesdrop?

Blog Party post #3

Well, the party has been going on now for almost 15 hours. And there are 6 more days to go. I am glad we have a week for this, because at last check, there were 322 party goers signed up. I have already had the privilege of visiting many parties.
It's been FUN! So, I am a people watcher. I could just sit in a coffee shop or bookstore cafe for hours just watching people. I don't do it to be nosy. I love to observe others. I love to try to figure out what their personalities are like. Are they going through hardships? What are their struggles? What has their day been like so far? And I do listen to conversations too. It just happens when you are observing them.

When I go out to eat with my hubby, I sometimes will catch myself people watching. I will tell my hubby that the people three booths over seem to be having an argument over raising their children. Stuff like that.

So, I have been doing lots of visiting so far and if you are an eavesdropper people watcher like me..and if you had been following me around, you may have heard some of these discussions.

Kristarella and I talked about how we have a habit of driving for awhile when our gas light is on. I am notorious for driving on empty. In fact, a few years ago when I purchased a car, I asked the nice sales gal, who told me she drove the same vehicle, how far I could drive once the gas light came on. She looked a bit shocked that I would ask such a question and informed me that she never lets her car get past a quarter of a tank. Well, I did find out that I could make it almost to work with my gas light on. That's all I needed to know.

Grey's Anatomy and backgammon were the topics of conversation over at Shoshana's We both got hooked on Grey's by watching the DVD sets of the first two seasons. And she loves backgammon. I grew up playing that game with my mom. She has put a desire in me to go out and buy the game and teach it to my hubby.

Dana and I both have similar Disney family vacation traditions. So, that was a fun topic of conversation. She even ripped out some pictures from her most recent visit to The Happiest Place on Earth.

And finally, over at Serendipity Mine the conversation was about blog design and the use of the word, Serendipity. It is one of my favorite words you know.

Well, there are many more parties to visit. And you all are wonderful hosts and hostesses. There have been some tasty treats, some cute videos and some great decorations.

Please come back throughout the week. I promise to do my best to keep it fun.