Wednesday, March 28

Some good military news

So, I feel like this is the millionth post that I have written about the military and where it is brining us next. At one point, we were told he'd have to re-train into another career field which would mean he'd be gone several months for training and then we'd possibly move somewhere. Then, thankfully, he wasn't selected for the re-train. Then we were going to look into having him become a recruiter because that would mean a pay raise and that he'd be guaranteed to stay in our current location for the next three years and not be deployed anywhere. But then we found out he had to be stationed here for a couple of more years before he could apply to become a recruiter...and well..he only has 3.5 years left.

So then he found out he'd just keep his current position and most likely stay here for the remaining three years. And we were happy with that. We love it out here. But, he was going to be gone the whole month of May for training. He would then be gone for the whole month of August again. Our wedding anniversary is in August and he is always away for it. We have only been able to celebrate one anniversary together so far. It will be our fifth this August. We were also preparing for the fact that he would be deployed again in March, 2008. We weren't sure where..or for how long. But we knew it would at least be three months. He was contemplating volunteering to go to Germany, that way he wouldn't have to worry about being sent anywhere dangerous. And we talked about how wonderful it would be if me and the kids could go too, but we knew that we wouldn't be able to afford it.

Well, he found out on Monday, that right now, they are making it possible for Airmen of any his career field..who have been in for more than 6 years and less than 11, to get out if they want to. He has to submit a package for it by April 30th. And then in September, he'd be out of the Air Force. He does computer networking and even some firewall stuff, so honestly, we aren't concerned at all about his ability to find a job. Plus he has top secret clearance. We will have to pay back a $14,000 portion of some of the re-enlistment bonus, but they will give us three years to do so. And honestly, it's pretty certain that whatever job he does find.... will pay him AT LEAST $14,000 more per year than he is currently making.

So, in September, I will no longer be an Air Force wife. Don't get me wrong, I support our military and their families. But a military life is a tough one. And we've been through some tough things due to the military having kept our family apart at times. We paid our dues and it's time to move on. It's time to always be together as a family without having to worry about deployments. I am sooo thrilled!!!!!