Tuesday, March 6

In Other Words

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing”
~ Martin Luther ~

On Thursday night, I attended Bible study at my church. I had brought the two little ones with me, and they hung out in the nursery. I love my Bible study nights. The women in the group are just amazing. And each time I am spoken to greatly through almost everyone in the group. Our leader is such a strong woman of God. She is amazing. Anyway, at the end of the study, we were in prayer and our leader began praying for someone in the room. She said she wasn't sure who it was, but that she said that she felt opposition in the room and was being told to pray for the individual who was holding onto something and not giving it to her father. I immediately felt such a conviction in my heart. Could that be me that she was speaking about? I knew there was something in my life that I wasn't giving to Him. I was holding onto it, and it wasn't pretty. I felt as if God was speaking to me right then and there.... "Yes child, she is praying for you. You know what you need to give over to me. I want to take it from you. I want to help you. But you have been stubborn, child."

As I drove home, with the two awake kiddos in the back seat, I began praying out loud to God. Tears streamed down my face as I let go of something I had been holding onto. When I was finished, my little three year old asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was talking to God. I let her know that God is all around us, even though we can't see Him. I told her that we can talk to God anytime about anything. We can tell Him when we are happy. We can talk to Him when we are sad or angry. And I told her that He loves it when we talk to Him. All she said to that was, "Oh."

A few minutes later, she began mumbling and I turned the radio down to hear her. I asked her to repeat what she had said, because I couldn't hear her. What she said in repsonse was soooooo sweet.

"Shhhh..I'm talking to God, Mommy."
I just read a bunch of other contributing posts. How convicted I am this morning as I realize that I have been seriously suffocating lately. All of the posts touched me so much, but there was one that I urge you all to read. Whoever you are...... right now, whether you contribute in these posts or not...whether you are a believer or not...