Tuesday, January 8

Today's Small Thing

Today I am doing my second small thing. I wanted to participate yesterday too, but didn't find the time. :o(

Today's was so easy and fun! All it entailed was asking a family member what it was that we could do for them today to make them happy. Well, I emailed the DH, who has yet to respond to the question.

I also asked my four year old little miss. And I must tell you that after I asked her, she got the biggest smile on her face. She then said that it would make her happy if I took her to the zoo to feed the giraffes. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that today. We got about 4 inches of snow yesterday and the hubby took the blazer to work. It would be a bit cold to trek the zoo today anyway.

I asked if there was anything else I could do. To that she responded with bake a cake together and cupcakes and cotton candy. We compromised on a cake. I don't have any cake mix laying around, but I do have all the ingredients for a yellow cake from scratch. And we just so happen to have some frosting laying around too. So, looks like that's what we will be doing this afternoon.

So, I best run, since I have a cake to make.