Friday, January 11

My Little Protector

I forgot to share a little something that happened today, that was cute. I had an appointment with my midwife today. Usually she comes to my house for the appointments, but today, I had to get blood drawn. So the kids and I headed to her office. When it came time for the blood draw, the miss got very concerned. She stopped playing with the toys that they have out for the kiddos, and walked over. The nurse was prepping me and the miss asked if she was going to hurt me. I told her that if it hurt at all, it would just be a pinch and I'd be okay.
But she stared down the nurse saying, "don't hurt my mommy."
She then took her hand and cupped it over the little area that they had just prepped with alcohol. And again asked the nurse not to hurt me. It was so darling. At that point, my midwife distracted her with some toys and a little trip into the hallway. By the time they came back into the room, the blood draw was over.
But my little girl was protecting me, and it was darling!