Friday, January 25

Can I get a Witness.....Uh.....

Okay, really that title has nothing to do with my post. For some reason as my blogger screen was loading, that song by Nicole C. Mullen, Witness, came into my head. So, I serenaded you for a few seconds.

I know I haven't blogged since Monday, which probably almost gave G.G. a few heart attacks this week, since she gets worried when my blog is silent. But, really, people, I must tell you, I am nesting. I am. Either that, or I am finally fed up with all the little messes, or big, depending on how you look at it, that have been in our home well for a couple of years maybe. Okay, maybe not that long, but then again, maybe so.

I am really good about sweeping almost 3 times a day, because I have little ones who can't keep their food on their plates. I also usually have to scrub down my counters and do the dishes and make my kitchen look nice, before I can really relax.
I am really good about vacuuming my front room, since it's the first room you see when you walk in the door. And since the mister isn't scared of the vacuum anymore, I don't have to wait until late at night to do that job.

But then there are the things that seem to slip away from me. The things, that for the past year or so, I just haven't been good at being consistent about, although I need cleaning the stove top really well. I will of course wipe up spills. I am not good at cleaning the microwave consistently. Usually I wait until I am so embarrassed by the sight of it when it is opened, before cleaning it.

I hadn't touched the top of my fridge in ages, and kept it as a piling place for stuff...since it's way too high for the kids or even me to reach. But it got so bad, that when you opened the freezer, things would fall off and get you in the head. It was like Russian roulette when you'd go to get yourself some ice cream. Although, it never did deter me enough from having my yummy frozen treat.

So, this week and the past couple of weeks, actually, I have been cleaning these pesky places. Like, I have been on my knees in the kitchen with a scraper, getting dirt out from between the floor and the baseboards. And in my defense, I think it's been there for awhile. This house was built in 1999, and the family in it before us had three boys...10, 8 and 4 I think or somewhere around there. So there was a lot of "hidden" dirt, that you couldn't see when first moving into the home.

I bought new drip pans for my stove, finally, and began scraping off the burnt on crud that has been circling the burners for quite some time now. It's been a tough job that Magic Eraser couldn't even pull off on its own. I had to scrape with a butter knife. But don't worry, I've been careful not to scratch the stove top surface.

So, I've been spending free moments doing silly things like that. And I feel so proud when I am done. I even boast about my accomplishments to my hubby who then tells me that he never even realized that part of the house had been that dirty and kinda shrugs. Okay, so he said that about the dirt that had been built up on the kitchen tiles, that never mopped up, but the magic eraser got. The dirt that I have tried to mop out since we moved in. I finally thought it was part of the tile, LOL, because it wouldn't budge. But, I guess he had never noticed it.

So while this mama bird gets ready for the baby, I have been neglecting this blog and I am sorry.

I do have one or two pictures maybe, let's see....

That's the mister getting caught playing in his sister's toy box.

And he was enjoying himself.

Oh, and here is a quilt I started for a friend of mine who is having a baby girl. She is due a couple of weeks before me. So if I am early or she is late, we may end up having our kiddos really close together. :o)
It's a cuddlebug quilt and I have messed up a bit, but oh well, right? I still can't seem to sew straight, LOL, or maybe it's because I rushed through it, since her shower is in 2 weeks. It's about halfway done, well the quilt top is, I then have a border and backing to add. And then I have to tie it. Wow, I should get to it, huh?

So, that's what's been going on over in this neck of the woods. The sun is out a bit today, so maybe we'll go outside and play for a bit. Since it's finally not freezing cold outside. And there is still some snow on the ground, so I am sure the miss will be excited. She keeps telling me she wants to throw snowballs in my hair.

Oh, and she also told me yesterday, as we were driving home from the place that takes all my money Wal-mart, that she doesn't like that there will be two boys. She wants me to have a girl. She said that two boys and two girls would be good. She doesn't want just one girl and two boys.

But, I think she may just have to get used to the idea......

Alright, the mister is awake from his nap, so this blog post is done.