Saturday, January 19

More Educational Children's Links

I may just have to start a weekly post with fun and educational links for kiddos. Maybe I'll make a cute little button for them each week too. Hmmmm, we'll see. I think that I like to pretend that I have a lot of free time for such things.

Anyway, I was looking around online for things to do with the miss in the coming weeks, and here are some things that I found.

First, let's have some fun with snow.
I found these fun ideas HERE

- Target Practice
Cut three or four holes, each about a foot in diameter, in an old sheet or blanket. Fasten this target with lots of clothespins to a rope strung between two trees or posts. Have each child stand about 10 feet away and throw snowballs at the holes. Score one point for each snowball that goes through a hole. The first player to score a set number of points is the winner. A child playing alone can see how many snowballs it takes to score a certain number of points.

- Shoveling Snow
Your child will really enjoy this activity because it will make him feel big. Buy your child a child-size shovel and let him "help" you after a snowstorm. Not only will your child benefit from the fresh air and exercise, but he'll also feel proud for helping you with the work.

- Catch Me
Follow around in each other's footprints in fresh snow. When fresh snow isn't packed, it will take double the effort for both you and your child to walk in. Take turns running after each other in the snow. If you have many children over, bring out noisemakers and have a parade

- Bubbles
Have you tried bubbles outside in the winter? Let your child jump up and try to burst them. The bubbles stay a little longer because of the cold air.

- Snow Shake
Fill a ziploc bag with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and 1/2 cup of milk. Seal the bag and hand it over to your child. Make sure they hold the top closed with one hand while they smoosh the bag's contents with the other. Once it has been blended well, hand them a straw, open the bag and let them enjoy a snow shake.

Here are two sites with free file folder games printables.

Childs Place

Early Learning Activities

And lastly,
This is a really fun number rhyme, to help your child learn how to write their numbers.