Wednesday, January 30

PayPerPost, why you should check it out.

I recently finished a blog design for Our Seven Qtpies. As we discussed her blog and other things, she introduced me to PayPerPost.
PayPerPost provides bloggers with opportunities to write posts about various organizations, web sites, services or products and in return, receive a compensation for their work. I found it very easy to sign up, and once my blog was approved, it was time to see what opportunities were available. So this is my first PayPerPost contribution, and all I have to do is take the time to introduce you to their program.

I am one of those addicted to blogging. I love to spend time sharing my life with my readers, and the idea of getting paid for doing something I love and enjoy, is wonderful. With PayPerPost, I can take part in as little or as many posts as I want, up to the maximum per day. When I log in, I can click to view the open opportunities. If there is one that I think I could easily write about, or that interests me, I choose to reserve it, then I write my post, insert the necessary links provided in the opportunity description, and then submit my post. Within 30 days, if my post has not been rejected because of an error on my part, then I get compensated for my work, through PayPal.

I can write up to 3 posts per day, as long as I have regularly scheduled posts, the ones I typically write, in between my paid ones.
So, sounds like fun and easy too. And I get to share some products with you that you may really enjoy. Plus, I get paid, too. And with almost three kids running around here soon, any extra money I can make is truly a help. I could use it for date nights, for little things I may want, but don't always have the money for, or I can just use it for my day to day expenses.
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