Monday, January 7

Just Some Rambling

I don't have pictures to go along with the rambling, sorry. I wish I did, though.
It was quite a busy weekend. The miss earned two things that she received this weekend. One, was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. She finally made it to the top of her reward chart. it took her almost two months, but she did it. So, we spent Saturday afternoon eating pizza and playing games. It was a good time though.
I think the rest of the day was spent cleaning and recouping from the week.

Sunday was busy too. Well, it just flew by. We unfortunately missed church because the mister has quite a snot nose right now, and I knew they wouldn't let him in the one year old room. And trying to sit with him during the service just wouldn't work.
So we did more resting, more cleaning and some grocery shopping. Then I worked for seven hours that night.

On Sunday, we also got the miss a fish. She earned that too. It's a blue and red male beta fish. I'll try to get a picture tonight or tomorrow. According to the miss, it's a girl fish and her name is Dorothy. She either got that name from the Wizard of Oz or because it's the name of Elmo's fish, I am not too sure.

But she is quite fond of Dorothy. She spent some time this morning talking to her, serenading her and even introducing her to some items in our kitchen.

"Dorothy, this is a candle. Do you like it? You do? Oh, great!"

She has also been enjoying sticking plastic spoons into the water which probably scares the fish to death.
It's very cute though watching her interact with her little fish.

Today we've been pretty low key. I've been working on some blog designs and we played for a bit. We were about to start building a fort downstairs, you know with sheets and such, but the miss is currently in her room for being almost unmanageable at the store during our quick errand run.

Speaking of which, I was at Target this afternoon on said errand, and can someone please tell me why on earth we are selling bathing suits in January??? The little kids and adults all had bathing suits out on racks for sale. And no, they weren't clearance items. I mean I understand that some people go on vacation to get away from the cold. But just how many do? And didn't they already prepare and buy their bathing suit? Didn't they buy it when it went on clearance back at the end of summer to make room for Christmas items and wintry clothes like sweaters and such?
I just don't understand it. It's currently snowing and 26 degrees. Are we in denial?
The last thing on my mind right now, is buying a swim suit.
It just doesn't make any sense. Is anyone else seeing them in the stores too? Or is it just here? Is there some new indoor pool/swim place that just opened up that I am unaware of?
I am just a little confused.

It is winter, right?