Thursday, May 1

Tons of Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten Teaching Links

My miss is going to miss the Kindergarten cut off this year. I have been looking into pre-k programs for her, but geesh they are expensive. I am quite certain I can teach her the same stuff they would, for free. I do, however, want to get her involved in something part time if I can, to give her the social aspect that she needs.

But, I am going to teach her at home this upcoming year, well starting now, actually, because she enjoys it and asks constantly to do her workbook or crafts.

She knows most of her uppercase letters, she does get a few mixed up. She struggles with many of the lowercase letters. She does understand that letters make words and she can sound out quite a few words.
She can count, but struggles with number recognition.
So those are the things we will focus on the most.
I will also throw in Science, Social Studies, Bible and Music lessons into the mix as well.

So, I went surfing the internet for resources to use in working up a curriculum for her, and I found so many awesome things. So, I thought I'd share them with all of you as well.


Kindergarten Math Worksheets
Kindergarten Math and Literacy Online Games
Flower Counting Book
Songs for Teaching
Numbers Poster 1-12


Ladybug ABC Puzzle
Flower Alphabet Book
Beginning Reading Free Worksheets
Exercises for Letters A-Z
Bible and Rhyme Letter Songs
Handwriting Lessons
Make your Own Handwriting Sheets
Tracing Pages
Learning Letters Worksheets
Letter Tracing Sheets
Tons of Great Ideas for Teaching Letter Recognition
Activities for Literacy and Reading Skills
25 Fun Ways to Encourage Reading
Alphabet Posters
Tons of Literacy Printouts and Ideas (YOU MUST CHECK THIS SITE OUT)


Play and Learn Spanish


Montessori Music Lesson Materials
Teaching Musical Instruments
Alfred's Piano Prep course A (Which I will be starting with the Miss)


Sound of The Week Curriculum
A Joyful Heart Character Curriculum
ABC I Believe Lessons
Many Lesson Plans
Eric Carle Teaching Resources

Kindergarten Skills Test (What should be mastered upon completion of Kindergarten)

There you have it for now. I may do another post with even more links, as I find fun stuff to share with you.