Monday, May 12

He Wears His Heart On His......

For snack, I gave the kiddos heart-shaped lollipops that I brought home from work last night. The miss wanted goldfish for snack as well, so I told her to start on her lollipop and I'd get the goldfish in a minute. I was in the other room, attending to the baby.
Well, she had a fit because I wasn't giving her "goldfish right now!!!"
So, she left the table so that she could meet with me face to face to explain to me her disappointment.

My reply, however, was to sit back down, eat her lollipop and be patient, or I would eat it.

Upon returning to the table, she began crying because her lollipop had disappeared.
The mister was happily sitting in his seat eating a lollipop, that I thought might be hers, but I couldn't find a second one anywhere, not in his seat, not on the floor, not stuck to her seat cushion.
Her lollipop was gone.

I gave her goldfish, and told her that I'd get her another lollipop the next time I went to work. And she was surprisingly okay with that.

After snack time, we headed into the front room, sat on the couch, read a book and sang some songs. When the mister got up to dance around, we found the missing lollipop. Well, actually, he must have been eating her lollipop, because his, well it had ended up here...